Change Your Negative Thoughts to Create Inner Peace!

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed with negative thoughts, worry, overthinking, self-blame or judgment? Learn about how you can change your relationship with your inner critic, ease inner tension, and live with more peace and harmony!  


A few words about working with Marianne

“I started talking to Marianne during a very hard, transitional season of life. Every time we meet, I come away with encouragement and hope. She often gives me very practical tools to use, but sometimes just gives me a listening ear and help untangling with thoughts. I find myself remembering parts of our conversations just when I need to. I highly recommend Marianne's coaching services."


"Working with Marianne has been amazing! Each time I talk to her I have ‘a-ha’ moments that help me to see myself and the world around me in new ways. As my outlook on life has become restructured, I have realized that my life does not need to be ‘black and white.’ ...I was originally skeptical about coaching but now I feel happier and more hopeful.”

Steve Ergang


Learn about how to change your thinking habits and claim your power to create the life you want!

Learn how to observe and evaluate your negative thoughts.

Most of our thoughts are merely habits, and they can be biased or prone to error.  You don't have to believe everything you think, and you CAN change the thinking habits that create suffering for you!

Free yourself from common thinking mistakes!

All-or-nothing thinking, blame, judgment, and misinterpretation of situations examples of common thinking errors.  Learn how to recognize these habits as a first step towards making change.

Develop simple habits to find more happiness in the moment.

Discover how mindfulness can help you to create a happier, healthier, and more empowered life!  learn how simple it is to incorporate mindfulness into each and every day.

About the Author

Marianne Gernetzke, MS, PCC, NBC-HWC, A-CFHC

Marianne is a professional health and wellbeing coach who helps drained and distressed adults to find inspiration and motivation to make lasting lifestyle change, ease inner tension, and create greater health and happiness. As a coach, she comes alongside her clients to help them examine limiting beliefs, resolve inner conflicts, and transform old habits on their path to greater wellbeing.  

In addition to offering individualized and group coaching services, Marianne mentors new health and wellness coaches. She has over 20 years previous experience as a trauma-informed health professional and an intense curiosity about the connection between lifestyle habits and mental wellbeing. Marianne lives in rural Wisconsin where she enjoys family-time with her spouse and children, growing organic vegetables, and artistic adventures with mixed media.

You Have the Power to Create a More Peaceful Life!