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Free Initial Consultation Session

It all starts here! Meet with health and wellbeing coach Marianne for a no-obligation, 45 minute consultation. The purpose of this session is to help you gather the information you need to make a decision about working with Marianne that is right for you.

Get to know one another, explain the problems that you want to solve, and ask all of your questions about coaching. Marianne will discuss the roles of coach and client and what a typical session involves. Consider how improved health could positively impact you and your loved ones.

You may benefit from coaching if you:

Enjoy personal growth and development

Need a collaborator to support you with a transition or habit change

Are feeling “stuck” or unmotivated

Want help connecting to a more positive perspective

Simple and easy.

Discover how health & wellbeing coaching could empower you to create higher wellbeing in your life!

Schedule a no obligation, 45 minute consultation. This session is always complimentary.