My health and wellness story 

Hi, I am Marianne Gernetzke.  I’m the owner and coach for Marianne Gernetzke Coaching, LLC.  

Is your wellbeing story like mine? 

I am a busy professional woman and wife/mother.  I work hard to keep my body and my family healthy.  But, for years I felt like I was spinning my wheels. 

As an overthinker and perfectionist, my mind was always looking for the next problem.  Focused on the negative, I often complained about how my glass was empty.  Somehow, I believed I needed stress and perfectionism to keep myself at my best. 

For years, opportunities for joy and self-care were neglected while I focused on pushing myself to serve my work and family.  I was accomplished in many ways, but constant busy-ness and stress (and my own negative attitude) were wearing me thin.

Unfortunately, stress and perfectionism took a toll on my health.

Over time, exhaustion became my norm.  I started to experience strange food sensitivities, fatigue, pain, migraines, and insomnia.  As my fatigue and other symptoms worsened, I felt discouraged and victimized by my own health limitations.

I tried time management strategies and self-care solutions to feel better and keep up with my life.  Eventually, I had to admit that these strategies weren’t making enough impact.  I couldn’t go on functioning like an exhausted zombie!  I pulled myself away from my professional work after two decades in my field, desperate for rest.

“Focused on the negative, I often complained about how my glass was empty.”

I secretly wondered, “What would it be like to feel like I was thriving instead of surviving?”  I longed to improve my quality of life.  How could I recover energy and vitality to care for myself and my family in the way that I desired? 

Conventional medicine had limited answers.

I asked conventional doctors for help.  Lab tests consistently ruled out any obvious medical problems.  If I was so healthy, why did I feel so sick and miserable?  Would I feel this way for the rest of my life?

I am grateful for the quality care I received to rule out serious health concerns.  But I sincerely wanted to actually feel well.  I looked for another way. 

In my personal research, I found the field of Functional Medicine, an evidence-based approach that looks for and addresses the root causes of illness. 

To my surprise, Functional Medicine easily explained why I was reacting to foods, putting on weight and feeling lousy! I learned about inflammation, gut health, and nutrition.

I ditched processed foods and then eliminated foods that were triggering inflammation in my body.  My weight returned to normal, and I started to feel a lot better.  Unprocessed, nutritious, whole food was the medicine I needed.  Functional medicine practitioners also advised me in the use of supplements and testing. 

Healthy habit change and helpful supplements set me on a new path.  Slowly, my sleep and energy improved.  Passionate about my newfound health, I became an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health and Wellness coach.  But my story doesn’t end here …

My wellness story isn’t just about how I found healthier habits.  It is also about how I realized my limiting beliefs were preventing me from wellbeing.

Functional medicine provided essential knowledge and tools to improve my health.  I had a lot less symptoms, but I still didn’t feel well.  My glass was still half empty! 

I had made a hobby out of looking for the next expert, the next book, or the next strategy to fix me. I was telling myself a story that I was broken and a victim of my circumstances.  I believed I needed someone to fix me, and that left me even more exhausted and discouraged. 

Thank goodness I didn’t stop looking for answers! 

I discovered that I was disempowering myself with my own story.  Coaching helped me to re-author my story and create new life.

As long as I told myself that I was broken, needed stress and perfectionism to survive, and had no personal power to achieve better health, it remained true.  With that story, even the best expert advice and the healthiest food or medicine couldn’t help me to truly achieve new happiness or health. 

I could not achieve authentic health while choosing to be a victim of perfectionism, shame, and self-blame.  When I chose wholeness instead of brokenness and offered myself self-compassion, new possibilities presented themselves.

Coaching inspired me to discover new perspectives on my story, envision a new life, and ultimately, put it into motion.  Now, my glass is much more full!

As a coach, I help individuals to improve health habits and re-author their stories to envision and empower improved wellbeing.   

Regardless of the details of your story, it is always evolving and deeply personal.  That’s why I recognize you as the expert in your life.  I support each of my clients to find their own answers.

As coach, I promote the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits while emphasizing the importance of having a clear vision, practicing self-awareness, utilizing unique strengths and talents, and approaching life authentically. 

I utilize evidence-based methods promoted in functional medicine.  However, I believe that the pursuit of health and wellness involves more than just eating right or exercising; it involves a way of being that involves care of mind, body, and spirit.  This is why I call myself a Health and Wellbeing coach.

Negative thinking, like eating junk food, is a bad habit.  By learning to become a mindful observer of yourself, you can see and work with your thinking habits and discover your own story of personal empowerment, if you choose.  You already have many of the answers you seek.

Are you seeking a healthy state of wellbeing where you can be empowered to be yourself, pursue the life you were meant to live, and embrace each day with joy?   Please consider working with me as your coach!

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