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Discover authentic wellness as a way of being.

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National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Associate Certified Coach
Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach

Health & Wellbeing Coaching


One-on-One Health & Wellbeing Coaching Sessions

how does a coaching session help my health and wellbeing? 

Are you interested in self-improvement?  Open to new perspectives and ideas?  Willing to step out of your comfort zone to create meaningful change? 

Coaching is a collaborative partnership designed for individuals just like you! 

As your coach, Marianne will regard you as the expert in your own life.  She’ll guide you through a mindful process of growth and discovery to help you reach your wellbeing goals. 

In a typical coaching session, Marianne may help you to:

Envision a joyful life filled with harmony, health, and wellbeing
Uncover why you feel stuck and how to get out of your own way
Design plans of action that fit your life and create momentum
Empower evidence-based approaches to better health
Explore positive perspectives to transform negative thinking habits
Align your life with authenticity, purpose, and meaning.

Marianne believes that all clients – including you – are creative, resourceful, and whole.  If you are searching for hope, better health, or just want to make a change, coaching may be the life-changing help you’ve wanted.

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I’m Marianne and I help people just like you discover wellness as a way of being.

Are you tired of telling others “I’m fine” while you secretly tell yourself you are broken, lazy, or helpless?

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there too.

I believe better health isn’t just about how many carrots we eat or what we do to our bodies.  Health and wellness is also a result of our thinking habits -- the story we tell ourselves.

 I coach clients to re-author their stories to envision and empower greater wellbeing.


Holistic Coaching Empowered Me to Improve Work/Life Balance and Clarify Goals for my Business

Marianne coached me to work on life balance while managing my business. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went into the coaching process with openness.

The coaching sessions with Marianne flowed really well and easily. She was easy to talk to and it was so nice to feel like I could select my "own agenda" regarding what I wanted to discuss; it was nice to go into sessions with current issues I am working on. Marianne has a great way of helping me to reflect on the situation; we used tools like checking in with my body. It seemed intuitive and I was able to reflect and gain a lot of insights with the methods she suggested.

Marianne helped to bring more clarity to my vision and goals related to my business direction and helped me to realize how much I can do regarding my process to get into a great frame of mind to have things flow better.

Marianne has a very nice holistic style of coaching which feels very empowering and easy.

I will benefit from the seeds planted in our sessions for the rest of my life

Female coaching client from California

I'm eternally grateful. You've helped me to plant and germinate many seeds. I will receive bounds from this harvest for the rest of my life!

Reached my goals with Marianne's coaching

Tracy from Tennessee

Thank you SO very much for your coaching! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you for guiding me the way to fulfilling all my goals. I highly recommend your practice.

Marianne Helped me be my Better-self While Mentoring me with Health Coaching Skills

Jenny Health & Wellness Coach

Before I met Marianne, I was struggling to get the skills to pass my Practical Skills Assessment
as a new Health and Wellness Coach. I didn't know what coaching with Marianne would be like
at first, but I quickly realized there was much she could help me with!

Coaching/mentoring with Marianne has been a great experience! I have been surprised by the
coaching at times: when I think I want to focus on one thing in coaching, Marianne is able to
help me drill down to things I didn't know were there!

My life is different now because my coaching skills have greatly improved, and I have passed
my PSA! I would recommend coaching/mentoring with Marianne because she has the skills that
really help you to be your better self.

I Felt Truly Seen and Heard as coaching Helped me feel more Wholeness/Acceptance

Marta Regalado Life and Wellness Coach

My experience during coaching sessions with Marianne was, first and foremost, feeling truly seen and heard by Marianne. She was fully present and invested in my progress and wellbeing. In each session, she created a beautiful space free of judgement and open to whatever I brought. What stands out to me the most is Marianne’s deep curiosity and her ability to connect the dots and reflect back what she hears. Her questions helped me create meaningful insights that were both eye opening and supportive in moving forward with what I wanted.

The biggest gift of coaching with Marianne was how she helped me integrate all the different parts of myself that I was resisting or pushing away. I now feel a greater sense of wholeness and acceptance that have led to more self-love and compassion.

I would recommend coaching with Marianne because she’s completely invested in your wellbeing and helping you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Help with grief and loss

Sue from Louisiana

My world was turned upside down by a house fire and the loss of my five beloved cats. Having Marianne as my coach was a blessing. I'm thankful for her help.

Quality of life improved

Male in Texas

I know I'm better off having these coaching sessions. I have a better quality of life... You're a great coach. It's helped me a lot.

Learned new relaxation & meditation skills to meet my goals

Kelly from South Carolina

Marianne helped me to become more open to using relaxation and meditation skills. We set goals to use these skills in a way that got results.

Your coaching helped me think innovatively

Female client from New Jersey

You make me go into myself to think of things I haven't thought of before.

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