Event Announcement: NBHWC Test Prep Course 

 December 23, 2021

By  Marianne Gernetzke

I am excited to announce I will be the new coach instructor for Tijen Genco’s NBHWC Test Prep Course! The next offering of this course will begin January 2022, concluding in April. Genco Coaching is an approved NBHWC continuing education provider.

If you are a health and wellness coach preparing to sit for the NBHWC exam, congratulations on this exciting milestone! This article will share basic course information, as well as why you might consider taking the course. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a link to sign up.

Course Information

This NBHWC Exam Prep and Content Review Class will assist in preparation for the NBHWC Exam. While other courses consist primarily of pre-recorded sessions, this course is presented remotely via four 90-minute real-time sessions. Participants will learn from an experienced National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach instructor and discuss relevant exam-related issues alongside other students preparing for the exam.

As your class instructor, I will share my test-taking experience with you while reviewing best practices to prepare your knowledge for the exam. I will also discuss expectations for how test questions will assess your knowledge. I will highlight the Blueprint for the exam, along with additional resources recommended by the NBHWC.

NBHWC exam questions assess your ability to apply coaching knowledge, rather than to assess your knowledge of content. Therefore, coaches preparing for the exam may benefit from assistance from a seasoned coach to achieve understanding of how to apply knowledge on the exam.

Students taking this course will walk away with

  • best practice strategies for studying and preparing for the exam
  • overview of the four major content areas covered on the exam
  • perspectives on exam questions and how to approach them

A primary goal for this course is to assist individuals interested in taking the National Board Exam to prepare for the exam with more confidence.

Who might consider taking this course?

This review course is designed to assist all students who have completed their coaching education, regardless of when or where they completed their coaching program. Although this course has been designed to help students prepare for the NBHWC exam, it is also helpful for any coach interested in an overview of relevant coaching issues in health and wellness coaching. Topics discussed throughout the course will include ethical and legal considerations as well as discussion of evidence-based coaching methodologies.

About the developer of this course, Tijen Genco:

Tijen has created this course based on extensive research about the exam itself. She puts thorough thought and planning into every course she offers. Tijen’s educational offerings serve as opportunities for growth and transformation for each of her coaching students. Therefore, I believe this course is more than test prep: it is an opportunity to grow as a coach while obtaining a deeper understanding of health and wellness coaching.

I have been a student of Mentor Certified Coach Tijen Genco since 2018. Her educational offerings have never disappointed me. Tijen has extensive expertise in every aspect of coaching as a practitioner, mentor, and educator. Her coaching work spans over two decades of success with both individuals and corporations. She is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. And, as an instructor, Tijen has helped many students – including me – achieve higher potentials as coaches.

Here is what past participants have said about the course:

“Tijen is a beyond amazing mentor coach and teacher.  Her exam prep course is incredible!  She has a way of condensing, simplifying and explaining the information in a way that makes it easier to learn, process, integrate and remember.  The information is presented, discussed, clarified and then we are given case studies.  The case studies are extremely helpful and instructor works with us and teaches us what information to extract from the case studies using the different coaching modalities, biometrics, health information etc. to be able to arrive at the right conclusion and answer.   It not only offers and reviews the information but teaches how to interpret and apply that knowledge.  It prepares our brain to analyze and process the information in the way we need to do it during the exam.   I cannot recommend this course enough!!” —Marta Neimark, Health and Wellness Coach

Excellent prep course!  The material Tijen provides and the decks she creates for each class provide a clear and concise approach for studying each section of the NBHWC test outline.  She also teaches how to dissect sample test questions, to look for clues to help determine the correct answer when two may seem like an appropriate response.  She is very accessible when comments and questions arise during and in between sessions, and her genuine care comes through with each reply.  Her support is everything!  I highly recommend this course.” — Denise JernasHealth and Wellness Coach

About the instructor

I’ve been a practicing health and wellness coach since 2019, and I passed the NBHWC exam in March of 2020. My certifications include Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and ADAPT-Certification as a Functional Health Coach. I come to coaching with over two decades of experience in another healthcare field and undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology.

more about me

I have studied with Tijen since 2018. My studies have included courses in the Genco Method Coaching for Mastery. I am also Genco Method Level 1 trained in various modalities including somatic and neurological approaches to coaching.

As a life-long learner, I love to teach. In the two decades that I worked as a rehabilitative health professional, I have given many educational presentations in local, state, and national forums on a variety of subjects. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to share my experience with others.

Course details

Dates: This course occurs on four Saturdays: January 22, February 19, March 19, and April 16, 2022.

Times: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST

Cost: $190 for four live 90-minute sessions

Genco Coaching is an approved NBHWC continuing education provider.

To enroll in this course and review a detailed course outline, please go to Genco Coaching – Events: https://gencocoaching.com/event/nbhwc-exam-prep-and-content-review-class/

Marianne Gernetzke

Marianne Gernetzke, MS, PCC, NBC-HWC, A-CFHC, is a Health and Wellbeing Coach who helps drained and distressed adults to ease inner tension and create greater happiness and harmony in living. Marianne has re-awakened her own health and happiness after years of self-induced stress and perfectionism led to auto-immune symptoms and mental burnout. She offers individualized coaching services, utilizing over 20 years previous experience as a trauma-informed health professional and an intense curiosity about the connection between lifestyle habits and mental wellbeing. Marianne lives in rural Wisconsin where she enjoys family-time with her spouse and older children, growing organic vegetables, and artistic adventures with mixed media/crafts.

Marianne Gernetzke

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